About Us

Broken Dreams Clothing was established by four young talented designers, Carlton "Tae" Gamble, Jonathan "JB" Blanks, Derrion "Budd" Smitherman, and Anthony "TK" Sears who were born in the early 90's that grew up together in Birmingham, AL. We first brought our visions together back in 2012 to form the concept of "Broken Dreams." Growing up in Birmingham, we realized that most of our community didn't have the courage to pursue their passions and dreams. Broken Dreams represents breaking down those barriers and not limiting yourself. Our brand represents faith, dedication, and success. Broken Dreams is a clothing line that breathes hope for the future, provides creativity and  delivers original classics. Our mission is to set the tone for our culture to show people that you can turn your dreams into reality. There will be trials and tribulations along the way but you must keep your faith, stay dedicated and you'll be successful.